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WP Job Manager Job Tags Addon 1.4.6


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The Job Tags add-on lets you tag your job listings with things such as required skills, technologies the applicant should be adept in, terms related to your listing and more.

These tags get displayed on your job listing, and can also be listed in tag cloud format using a simple shortcode. That’s as easy as adding [job_tagcloud] to your content.

Job seekers will be able to filter jobs by tags they are interested in via a tag cloud shown within the [jobs] shortcode.

Multiple tags can be toggled off/on providing an advanced search.


After installation, head over to Job Listings > Settings to configure the plugin.

  • Job Listings > Enable Tag Archives – Enabling tag archives will make job tags (inside jobs and tag clouds) link through to an archive of all jobs with said tag. Please note, tag archives will look like your post archives unless you create a special template to handle the display of job listings called taxonomy-job_listing_tag.php inside your theme. Creating this template is beyond the scope of this plugin and support.
  • Job Submission > Maximum Job Tags – Entering a number here will limit the amount of jobs a user can define when submitting a job.
  • Job Submission > Tag Input – Choose how tags are input from the following options:
    Text Box – Users will manually input a list (comma separated) of tags which are assigned to the listing.
    Multiselect – Only existing tags will be listed. The user will choose the tags they want from a list.
    Checkboxes – Like above, but with checkboxes instead of a dropdown.

Modifications to the Job Submission Flow

This plugin will add a ‘Job Tags’ field to the Job Submission Process. Here a user can comma separate tags for things such as skills and technologies.
Tags equal to or smaller than 3 characters will be assumed to be abbreviations and will be forced uppercase. Any other tags will be lowercase. This is to prevent duplicate tags.

Tag Display

Jobs tags will be listed after the job description. They will only be linked if you enable the ‘Enable Tag Archives’ option.

Tag Filters

The standard [jobs] shortcode will be automatically enhanced with a ‘filter by tag’ section when at least 1 tag is assigned to a job listing. This will show a tag cloud which when clicked filters the list of jobs.
This can be disabled by adding ‘show_tags=false’ to the shortcode. e.g.

The Tag Cloud Shortcode

This plugin adds a [job_tag_cloud] shortcode which will show job tags in a shortcode. This shortcode accepts all arguments supported by the wp_tag_cloud() function.
Tags will only be linked if the ‘Enable Tag Archives’ option is enabled in the settings.

The Jobs by Tag Shortcode

This plugin adds a [jobs_by_tag] shortcode which will output jobs matching a specific or set of tags.

Args you can pass include:

  • per_page
  • orderby
  • order
  • tag
  • tags

Product Details

Developer NameWpjobmanager
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Released DateJuly 14, 2023
Licence TypeGPL
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